Upon a carefully selected 77-acre estate, located in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, we are creating a unique and private sanctuary for aided self-healing, as well as Sober Living Post-Detox, unlike any in this country. The property has beautiful views, meadows, trails within the woods and an incredible deep-cut ravine with many waterfalls down the entire east bank of our property line. We encourage our guests to get to know the property during their stay; and rebuild their connection with the Earth.

As a team of passionate and dedicated team of professionals, aware that of the 14000+ addiction centers in the United States of America, few offer lasting successful treatments, we have decided to bring innovation and direction to this growing problem in our society. Through introducing alternative modalities and methods, with an awareness that most of the human dis-eases originates within the emotional body, often initiated during childhood and sometimes even prior to that.

Emphasizing our work through radical acceptance, authentic community and non-medication based therapy combining such modalities as Sound Bathes/Meditations, Yoga, Trauma Release Exercises, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Holotropic Breathwork; along with many other Wholistic and Nature Based self-healing methods, such as animal therapy and permaculture courses; all with the goal of reconnecting our guests with the beauty within and the lost aspects of themselves using the natural environment and the inherent healing power within each human being. We believe this to be complete healing from the inside-out.

The medicine that we work with is profound. When One gets properly attuned with the Earth in a deep and intimate way, their life changes. What we are doing is bringing people back to their roots. We nourish them inside of a safe and holistic setting while reintroducing them to the Elements. Our focus is providing a safe and healthy space for self discovery and application.”

The Elements of Health are such that we need the proper amount of AIR/oxygen within our being otherwise we aren’t able to function properly, many people struggle with the awareness needed to reach these levels of consciousness; thus is the Holotropic breathwork we teach with world-renowned counselors and therapists that are leading the front lines of Emotional/Spiritual Healing and Integration. We understand that we are Spirits having a Human experience, not the other way around.  We are focused on bringing One back to the Earth. To assist One with finding right relationship with themselves and their environment, while assisting them with cultivating a relationship with the Earth, plants and the soil.

Through our meditative gardening program and permaculture courses, our clients leave feeling emotionally recharged and rejuvenated, enabling them to continue their practice and study of Life in a healthy way while giving the tools necessary to empower them with advanced emotional processing techniques to maintain their bodies. Water is also a major component of our being. Water is said to contain several uses, for cleansing/purification, as well as understanding the movement of energy as the element takes on the form of its vessel. Our 77-acre estate provides a number of different components in this department. As mentioned before, our unique and sacred property features a ravine that is full of waterfalls, trails, and places for cleansing, along with providing a space of meditation with the Water.

Developing a relationship with the elements is crucial for our creative factor. Each of us are divine creators of the light. We teach the importance of Fire and finding proper relationship with our Internal fire and our external fire. Our World Class facilitators and Counselors will assist you with finding your passions and seeking balance amongst the infinite nature that is life, whilst continuing to serve as a foundation for you as you reenter the World with a renewed perspective of feeling supported and surrounded by AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY

It is our highest joy to provide such a sacred space where we can provide a safe and natural approach to recovery and recalibration. Our undying commitment is that we create a safe space for you to come and find yourself again. Through the different medicines of our era – Music, laughter, animals, and the Culinary Arts, we provide an opportunity for Total and Complete Recalibration. Our sanctuary will serve as a space for “Safe harm reduction settings” that encourage emotional processing through understanding the power of Language and Perception. We aim at providing the catalyst needed and a sanctuary for anyone who is looking to recover from negative or self-destructive habits based in/or around addiction.

Our management team and Board of Directors is comprised of some of the most qualified and experienced, passionate, loving individuals to work in the field. Who excel at each of their professions and benefit this mission. We carefully selected our Team, for the quality and care that they put into their work and the dedication and commitment to service. The Board of Directors of the Foundation and our Sanctuary are qualified to lead us towards success with backgrounds in problematic substance abuse and Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy. Our foundation is lead by a team of dedicated warriors of love, committed to meeting our goals as a foundation and continue on in expanding and growing organically, while still maintaining a sense of groundedness in where our roots lay. We will offer many different avenues of exploration to our investors in the types of products and services to be provided to guests and clients in the future.