“Through cultivating collaboration between community leaders and donors…

while sponsoring businesses, individuals, and families in our community, we want to create and advance a conversation where no one is left behind to suffer alone, while ensuring that everyone is a valuable thread in the fabric of a sustainable community. We went the extra mile by bringing together a team of compassionate pioneers in their respective fields, we will collaborate to act with strategic goals that make a profound difference in the lives of our people.”

Addiction Recovery, Family, Love, Growth
Healthy Family starts with HEALTHY FAMILY MEMBERS

“We are here to provide the tools needed to assist anyone and everyone. We offer consultations, harm reduction intervention and outpatient mentorship as well as referrals to holistic wellness services, and sponsor holistic retreats and workshops. “

By also hosting EVENTS such as speaking engagements and fundraisers, we will CREATE GREATER AWARENESS to the pioneering holistic modalities offered throughout the world to catalyze personal and community transformation, while looking to support changes to any government policy that contributes directly or indirectly to the suffering of our people.


WinWin4life will sponsor and provide seed-funding for causes such as:

  • Personal, Family and Community Organizational support initiatives
  • Harm Reduction
  • Holistic Retreats
  • Wellness
  • Sober Living/After-Care
  • Consultation/Referral
  • Intervention
  • Life Coach/One-on-One Mentoring
  • Volunteerism
  • Advocating platforms for Drug Policy Reform


“Our very first project is to provide seed funding for the planning and development of | THE CHOSEN PLACE | A beautiful holistic wellness sanctuary on 77 pristine acres in the Finger Lakes Region in Western New York.”

What you don’t have…

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It is the ultimate goal of this collaboration to promote and facilitate sustainable individual, family and community healing and share with those unable to afford quality support for emotional self-healing. In order to achieve this goal, our 501c3 charitable organization WinWin4Life’s most important organizational objective is to create a Board of Directors, whom influence and sincere passion to make a positive difference in the clear deterioration of our communities due to mental illness and problematic substance use will assist in paving the way for a more aligned future.



We are focused on several different aspects in our approach: 
  • Developing sustainable relationships with sponsors and donors of local businesses and govt agencies.
  • Public awareness campaigns and fundraisers in the region of the effectiveness of Holistic Modalities among our donor/sponsors and engage people where they are on their own journeys, and to support incremental steps toward more compassionate, mindful living and referring them to a planned and structured road to recovery.
  • Providing excellent high quality living and recreational spaces for our guests.
  • Incorporating uniqueness and powerful alternative methods in aftercare treatment and strategy.
  • Producing quality products and best possible services.
  • Continue to successfully manage and develop the sanctuary property while expanding into complimentary markets.
  • Develop a company model to be acknowledged by those in need of effective therapy.
  • To create a pride in participation vehicle for the Company’s staff, community sponsors
    donors and neighbors.
  • To build an example of a green sustainable sanctuary serving humanity.
  • Offering discounted and free treatments to qualifying Veterans and those with no financial means to pay.