To understand our GROWING PROBLEM in society, we must look with honest observation into our communities and society at large. One can easily make the conclusion that we are a people on a steady decline and that the current trajectory is unsustainable. At WinWin4life, we believe that community transformation begins with the individual. We believe in and support the human potential for healing, growth, and transformation. Often out of fear of change, as well as distrust in human potential, our society tries to control, stigmatize, and even punish those on the fringe who are struggling outside the norm. Those suffering from drug addiction and various mental health issues, are labelled and these labels are so politically and morally charged, and even pathologized, that society attacks those ‘problems’, as opposed to recognizing the true needs and sufferings of the person underneath.

There is perhaps no better example of the injustice in our society than that of those suffering from problematic substance abuse and those convicted of drug related crimes in our criminal justice system.

We want to create and advance a conversation where no one in our community is forgotten or left behind to suffer alone, that everyone is a valuable thread in the fabric of a sustainable, thriving community.

Please take a moment to learn more about the work we do and how you can possibly contribute in a meaningful way to create a sustainable community, and curb the growing problem in our society.