“Change Requires COMMITMENT”

We all have a hold and dance in different roles in different areas of our GLOBAL TRIBE. Some of us are involved in the our cause through tech development, some with social structure, some food production, and some of them are in the education of our New World, that is based in a WinWin relationship.



  • Education –  we are focused on creating the platforms that develop our community ideals and help to strengthen our families by understanding such things as emotional processing and offering classes and workshops within our community that generate more awareness on Conscious Parenting and the fact that it takes a village to raise a child.
  • Development of Sustainable Housing – developing a plan for sustainable living is why we started. That includes Housing. Our houses will be energy and eco-friendly.
  • Development of Sustainable Food Production Systems- we will be developing relationships with horticulturists and permaculture guilds that will assist us in the creation and structure of our communities.
  • Land Conservation – Another one of our focuses is to purchase land for the purpose of actually building these communities. We desire to serve you in the long run by doing this and creating an option of becoming a yearly member where you will be able to visit our land and stay there in order to recuperate and recalibrate should the occasion call for a necessity.
  • Law and Government –  We intend to change not only the way we live, but by the way certain laws label members of our society as criminals, when they are really mentally ill. Our main goal with our involvement in government is to create more understanding within our communities regarding the issues of mental illness when it comes to addiction while advocating and providing grants towards sanctioned research such a MAPS.

We are all unified by one concept and that is the power of LOVE.

We are in this to create sustainable communities that last based on land selection and the ability to retreat from the “society” that we once knew. Change is happening everyday within our World. While some of it can be considered to be for the better, we feel that it might get worse before it gets better as do ALL things. We are here to do our part and commit to creating and developing sustainable community structures needed throughout the world as we continue to grow into a NEW WAY of LIFE.

Consider that our role is somewhere between keeping our lands free and protected from BIG interests that seek to control our options for living, while continuing to develop a healthy relationship with technology and the way of the Future. We are in this to CREATE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES through developing COMMUNITY WORKHORSE projects that develop awareness within our local governments.




“We see the future of our world as the natural consequence and manifestation of what is on our minds today.”

We are here to develop the necessary relationships between local communities and seek to produce results through community activism. Our source of LOVE is where all of creation emanates from. We desire to see true peace within communities around the world, so we can see a brighter tomorrow and a better future for our children. Our goal is to generate enough awareness within our World that we are able to create lasting impact in our society for generations to come, as we are on the precipice of something great…


A World where a WinWin is a thing….

Thank you for joining our cause, our Foundation BEGINS with YOU!

– WinWin4Life Team